PSHE education is all about people being equipped to deal with the modern world through high quality PSHE sessions. I offer professional, affordable, tailored, fresh ways to tackle tricky PSHE subjects to schools, businesses & companies, organisations, parents/carers and families across the UK and beyond.

PSHE education Cyber Safety
Cyber Safety | Cyber Bullying
Social Media | Child Sexual Exploitation
Grooming | Sexting | Pornography
Drugs | Alcohol
Addiction | Effects | Family
Overdose Symptoms
Relationships | Sex
Sexuality | Gender | LGBTQ
Consent | Sex Crimes
Self Esteem | Self Awareness
Body Image | Media | Growth Mindset
Healthy Living | Emotional Health
Pressures | Stress Management Mindfulness | Meditation
Exams | Careers | Finances
​Respect | Bullying
Diversity | Difference
Hate Crimes | Equality

PSHE education is vital in today's changing world. Whatever age, whatever our present life challenges we need time to learn about ourselves and the world we live in.


PSHE education 2020 - covering the UK and beyond.

1. Teaching - Bespoke PSHE/RSE sessions with pupils, trainee or current teaching staff and parents on all PSHE topics.

2. Writing - Feature writing, content writing, resource writing, non fiction and fiction.

3. Consultancy - PSHE curriculum development and support, Staff support & CPD, PSHE schemes of work.

4. Conference Speaking - direct to teachers and educators.


Think back to your childhood years...remember the angst of friendship issues, learning to be independent, sexuality, pressures of school, parents being bossy, possible bullying, self-esteem, abuse maybe, fitting in?

Move on to your teenage years - Add all the above with body image, alcohol, peer pressure, puberty, sexual encounters, exams, relationships, parties, drugs, stress, smoking etc all added into the melting pot...remember?

Right, let's imagine you are a teenager now - add a life where you are told there is huge competition and 'no jobs', where there are new psychoactive drugs, where you can have a phone you can take everywhere - with the internet and the world wide web at your finger tips, a camera waiting to be used at any time, where everything you do can be broadcast on to social media, where mistakes or embarrassing situations can become public at the wink of an eye and be used against you both now and in the future, where sending naked pictures is the norm', sexual predators lurk and groom... and so on...and so on... we only need to look at the headlines to know these are true.

Now, let's not forget us adults either who have all the responsibilities on our shoulders. Maybe trying to bring up children, trying to be the 'perfect' parent, the 'perfect' partner/husband/wife with the 'perfect' body or striving for the 'perfect' job. We are more stressed than ever and all this takes its toll on our emotional health and wellbeing.

Whatever age, it's a tough world out there but time taken to explore, reflect and educate yourself and those you care about whether family, pupils or colleagues will provide the skills to navigate through the ups and downs that life throws at us all.

Having worked with many wonderful children, teenagers and their teachers, parents and carers I now extend this invitation out to you. Whether you are a single parent worrried about your teenager, a concerned or worried teacher who needs some support to deliver high quality PSHE, a Headteacher or a Director of an organisation who wants to make health and wellbeing a priority to those in your care, I would love to work with you - whether that be through sessions with pupils, staff or parents, speaking at conferences, supporting schools and organisations through consultation or writing features, content or fiction - I would love to hear from you. [Click on my Services to find out more about how I can support you.]


As a former UPS class teacher with over a decade’s experience, I understand children and the education system, I know what issues arise when teaching PSHE in a busy, target driven environment.

I teach bespoke sessions to children, teenagers and parents in day or evening workshops and KS1-KS5 staff in early bird, inset or twilight
Staff training CPD and teacher training sessions throughout the UK and beyond.

The most important at the moment are:
Cyber-Safety - Relationships & Sex - Drugs & Alcohol - Mindfulness, Meditation & Stress Management - Self-Awareness & Self-Esteem - Respect & Bullying.

I have been educating adults since 2002 in Meditation and Mindfulness. I offer a bespoke service direct to organisations and businesses, at hours to suit your workforce and designed to meet all your needs - whether it be direct stress management skills to your team or educational talks about modern life.

The most important at the moment are:
Mindfulness, Meditation & Stress Management along with information sessions on bringing up children in the modern world. Covering topics such as Relationships & Sex - Drugs & Alcohol - Self-Awareness & Self-Esteem - Respect & Bullying.

Contact me to make a booking or if you simply want to have a chat and find out more about what I offer. I look forward to hearing from you.

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