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Cyber- bullying...Make sure you include this during Anti-bullying week, this week. If you are one of the schools who is nervous about teaching this contact me. I offer bespoke sessions for young people of all ages, staff and parents. Check out my other website pages to find out more and read my testimonials.

One piece of feedback from a parent: "Probably the most valuable 2 hours I have ever spent! My children learnt alot from Kate in school and now we will continue to talk about E-Safety as a family. Talk was concise, entertaining, professional and at my level!"


In the news today: MP says schools are failing on cyberbullying.

The chairman of the Commons education select committee says schools in England are failing in their efforts to teach children about the dangers of online abuse and trolling.

Earlier this year, the Department for Education issued new statutory guidance for all schools and colleges in England on how to keep children safe online.

Graham Stuart's committee is looking into whether the guidance is adequate.

The government says it has taken measures to tackle online abuse...

A YouGov survey in September of just over 700 teachers suggested two-thirds had seen pupils abusing and bullying each other on the internet.

Just over 40% said they had never taught e-safety, while a third said they would feel out of their depth tackling it in class.

[For the full story see BBC News. 17.11.14] 
Janet Palmer HMI (National Lead for PSHEeducation) stresses the contribution PSHEeducation can make to Ofsted success and the crucial role of citizenship education and concludes:

“It is clear from the new inspection guidance that the evidence schools provide regarding the effectiveness of their PSHEeducation, citizenship education and pupils’ spiritual, moral, social and cultural development is crucial to the judgments inspectors make regarding leadership, management, behaviour, safety, safeguarding, the curriculum, and ultimately, the overall effectiveness of the school.” [PSHE Association. 10.11.14]