. PSHEeducation | Could PSHE finally be on the road to becoming statutory?

I am so utterly delighted today to get home, after an afternoon teaching Year 3 children Sex and Relationships sessions, to hear that Caroline Lucas, the Green party's only MP, has had a breakthrough for her bid to make PSHE statutory. Today she requested that the Government introduce statutory PSHE lessons to children in England and Wales and she was supported by 183 MP's across parliament who voted in favour (44 voted against). 
I am obviously so excited about this and shall explain why...
PSHE at the moment is a non-statutory subject. This basically means that it is not compulsory for schools to teach it. However it is acknowledged during an OFSTED inspection. In 2013, OFSTED in fact said that PSHE was inadequate in 40% of schools. That's a huge amount of children who are growing up without the basic knowledge about themselves and how to keep themselves safe in this digital and highly sexualised time.
Having been a class teacher for over a decade I know, with teachers so hard pressed to tick sheets and achieve levels in academic subjects, that in most year groups I have seen PSHE lessons brushed aside for more 'important' subjects, week in week out. But what could be more important than our children and young people's health and wellbeing - both physical and emotional?
I commend Caroline Lucas for standing up for our children and young people and support her and the PSHE Association wholeheartedly in their campaigns.