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EXAMS! Too much pressure. SATs this week and children as young as 10 worry that doing badly in their school SATs tests could set them up for failure in their lives, new research shows.

Pupil stress: in numbers:

55% of pupils were worried exam failure would hurt their future

68% of pupils said they felt pressured at exam time

74% of parents said their children were under more pressure than they were at that age [The Independent. 11.5.15]

Interested in mindfulness? Suitable courses available:
1. Stress Management sessions (Meditation and mindfulness)
2. Self-Awareness sessions

Taught by Kate Daniels. BSc Hons, QTS

Qualified class teacher of 10 years
Long term PSHE Lead Teacher
Post-graduate qualification in PSHE provision
Adult Education meditation teacher from 2002
Work with adults, educational centres, primary and secondary schools
Cover all aspects of health and wellbeing
Teach all age ranges

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