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Schools call in therapists as stress soars among pupils

...TOP schools are turning to psychiatrists and counsellors to help deal with a rising tide of self-harm, eating disorders, depression and suicide among pupils weighed down by exam pressure, social media and family breakdown.

Head teachers said this weekend that, as well as hiring counsellors and holding mindfulness and meditation lessons, they were working with psychiatrists and therapists at private hospitals such as the Priory clinics.

One said parents, concerned at lengthy NHS queues for mental health treatment, were paying up to £750 a day for children to be seen as inpatients at private hospitals or finding their own therapists who charge up to £100 an hour.

Bernard Trafford, headmaster of the Royal Grammar School in Newcastle upon Tyne, said he employed two full time counsellors and mental health problems were affecting nearly every school. Sunday Times. 15.3.15

...They also call in PSHE consultants! Parents' sessions on teenager's pressures rolling out across schools in the SE now alongside stress management sessions for the kids as they edge closer to their exams. Contact me for more info'.