. PSHEeducation | Homophobia - how far have we really come?

It is only recently that I got around to watching The Imitation Game and was so moved by the story of Alan Turing that my other half and I went up to visit Bletchley Park last weekend - the place where Alan and other incredibly clever people managed to crack the Enigma Code, helping to bring World War Two to an end.
Turing was an incredible mathematician and war hero yet was prosecuted for homosexual acts, and two years later, took his own life.
At Bletchley Park I found a letter, written in 2009, by the then Prime Minister, Gordon Brown granting Turing a posthumous pardon.
This got me thinking about how much things have changed  since then and reminded me of a recent conversation with my 18 year old daughter in which she told me about a conversation she had with a rather gorgeous gay friend of hers.
They were talking about how his parents still did not seem to realise he was gay despite the fact that he said it was pretty obvious from a young age! He feels sadly that if his parents do find out he will be thrown out the house and pretty much disowned.
My daughter asked him why he hadn't 'come out' to them and his reply was perfect. He said 'did you have to 'come out' that you were heterosexual to your parents?'
This statement alone is why I believe we still have some way to go...

NB: For those interested here is a link to an interesting article from just a a few of the thousands of British men who are still blighted by charges similar to those of Alan Turing.