. PSHEeducation | Is Facebook hazardous to your health?

On a conference call in July, Facebook founder Zuckerberg estimated the average user spends 40 minutes each day on the social networking site...Forty minutes daily adds up to 280 minutes, or over 6½ hours, each week and 20 hours every month. If you cut your daily consumption of Facebook to 10 minutes, you would free up 30 minutes each day to spend on a workout or with family.

It would give you 15 additional hours every month to use on cooking meals, getting fit and participating in other activities that could garner far healthier results than scrolling and “liking.”

Paired with the fact that research shows your mood worsens with every additional minute spent on Facebook, your health could be a good motivator for logging off now and then.

[Fox News 11.1.15]