. PSHEeducation | National Children's Day UK. 17th May, 2015

Chronic conditions such as childhood obesity, asthma, and attention-deficit disorder have all increased over the past few decades.

·      The UK has the highest rate of child obesity in Western Europe, which is estimated to cost the NHS about £4.2bn a year.   
       (National Child Measurement Statistics, 2012-2013)

·       Outdoor activity in the natural environment has taken a back seat to television, video games, the computer, and a demanding
        schoolwork and extracurricular schedule.

·       7 – 16 year olds using the Internet do so on average for almost two hours a day, and access it more than five days a week. 

         Children also watch an average of 2.5 hours of TV a day with the under 5s spending an average of two hours a day watching
        (Childwise Monitor 2012/13)

·       Children are spending less time in their local neighbourhoods and have less friends that they can play with (Play England)

·       Children’s ability to play outside has been greatly reduced due to safety concerns

·       Children’s decreasing connection to nature means that they are less likely to feel the need to protect it

A 2013 National Children’s Bureau Report showed that children growing up in poverty are nine times less likely to have access to green space. They have far fewer places to play and tend to live in environments with poor air quality. Boys living in deprived areas are three times more likely to be obese than boys growing up in wealthy areas and girls are twice as likely, which has serious consequences for their long-term health as they are more vulnerable to diseases such as diabetes.
(Great Expectations, NCB, 2013)

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