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  • Launch of independent PSHE teaching for children, young people and their parents
  • PSHE courses and sessions now available directly and 'out of hours' to parent groups and individual families
  • HR departments in companies and organisations encouraged to offer PSHE education to employees and their families[Kate Daniels. Director of PSHEeducation]

PSHE as a classroom subject is quickly climbing the political and educational agendas this year, with calls from parents and MPs for it to be given more attention and status. But few schools presently offer an adequate or comprehensive PSHE curriculum*. To fill that gap, PSHEeducation (http://www.psheeducation.co.uk/About ), an independent service in the south east of England, will be offering PSHE education directly to young people and their parents through parent groups and parents' employers, as well as privately to families, from October 1, 2015.'PSHE' is Personal, Social, Health & Economic education, designed to help children and young people through the complications of childhood and teenage years and prepare them for the adult world. It encompasses everything from self esteem, relationships and burgeoning sexuality to cyber safety, social media exposure and responsibility about drugs and alcohol. It is widely agreed that there has never been a greater need to equip children and young people with the knowledge they need to face the world.[Parents' sessions.]

PSHEeducation is run by Kate Daniels, for more than a decade a highly experienced upper payscale classroom teacher and PSHE lead before she left full-time teaching to found PSHEeducation. Kate is already providing PSHEeducation's services with great success to children of all ages (and often their parents) in primary, secondary and sixth form schools* but from next month will also offer them directly to 'end users'.

Kate says: "There are countless frustrated parents who want to know how to keep their kids safe, happy and better prepared for today's and tomorrow's world. They see schools still trying to sort out their PSHE programmes while their own children are growing up and in need today.

"So PSHEeducation now offers custom-designed courses and sessions that parents can book directly at a time and place to suit them, including evenings, weekends and holidays, whether at home, in a local hall or at the work place."

She continues: "It's time for families to get proactive. In the tabloids we read how young people are growing up in a world where there's huge competition and 'no jobs', a world of legal highs, ubiquitous phones and cameras connected directly to social media, where silly mistakes can go viral and be online forever, where naked selfies are 'normal' and sexual predators are grooming ... it can be very scary."

"PSHE provides the route map for this world and the new PSHEeducation service provides it now: parents don't have to wait until schools get their act together."

Parents can book the PSHEeducation service directly. HR departments in businesses and other organisations are also encouraged to contact PSHEeducation about offering the service as a vital employee benefit. Highly affordable, it is available across the south east, charged at an hourly rate, with initial consultations free of charge.

PSHEeducation also continues to provide its service to schools, that are equally welcome to ask about bespoke courses designed with each individual cohort in mind.

Kate Daniels has a long list of testimonials at http://www.psheeducation.co.uk/testimonials, she blogs on PSHE at http://www.psheeducation.co.uk/Blog and she has a topic-informative, regularly updated Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/PSHEeducation

Kate concludes: "We continue to strive for compulsory PSHE education in schools but meanwhile we think we're probably the first service in the UK to offer it directly to those who need it."

Parents, employers and schools can call Kate on 07746 252774 or email kate@psheeducation.co.uk .

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Notes for editors
* "Learning in PSHE education required improvement or was inadequate in 40% of schools. The quality of PSHE education is not yet good enough in a sizeable proportion of schools in England." Ofsted report, 2012, Not yet good enough: personal, social, health and economic education in Schools. Personal, social and health education in English schools in 2012: http://bit.ly/1Ou4tT8

** PSHEeducation services provided to schools and now offered directly to parents include sex and relationships; cyber safety; pressures and stress management; drugs and alcohol; self awareness and self esteem; respect and bullying. PSHEeducation also offers sessions on mindfulness, meditation and social fitness.

About PSHEeducation
PSHEeducation exists to help children to be equipped to deal with the modern world through high quality PSHE lessons. It offers professional, affordable, tailored and fresh ways to tackle tricky PSHE subjects.

Based near Lewes, South East, the service is run by Kate Daniels BSC Hons. QTS. Kate has more than ten years' experience as a qualified teacher (upper pay scale) and, since 2009, PSHE lead teacher, with a long list of other credentials and many teacher, parent and student testimonials.