. PSHEeducation | The case for statutory PSHE education


The case for statutory PSHE education is growing in strength. Below are some powerful statistics to support the call for the Government to reconsider PSHE and it's status in the curriculum.

Statutory status for PSHE education has the support of:
  • 90% of parents and leading parenting bodies like Mumsnet and the National Governors Association
  • 92% of pupils and has been a campaign priority for the UK Youth Parliament four years running
  • 88% of teachers as well as five leading teaching and education unions, including the NUT and NAHT
  • 85% of business leaders support statutory PSHE education according to a YouGov survey
  • 100 leading organisations including six royal medical colleges, the NSPCC and the British Red Cross
  • Parliamentarians across the political spectrum including the Commons Education Committee
and Home Affairs Committee, the Chair of the Health Committee and a range of former Ministers. [PSHE Association. October 2015]