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The world we live in is abundant and diverse in its cultures and people and these sessions are built to break down misconceptions, prejudices and behaviours.

Bullying continues to be a hugely damaging and sometimes life threatening issue both in the ‘real’ world and online. Bullying and Cyber bullying therefore need addressing face on with children and young people of all ages. In my sessions I give each individual a solid understanding of bullying as appropriate to their cohort including the subtler aspects which can so easily be overlooked. Practical solutions and signposting are always included so that each child or young person will be empowered to stamp out bullying in their lives, recognise bullying behaviour in themselves and have the confidence to speak up for others.

Some statistics…

4,500 young people talked to ChildLine about online bullying last year.

Over 1,400 young people talked to ChildLine about racist bullying last year.

[Childline, 2013]

Over half of lesbian, gay and bisexual young people have experienced homophobic bullying at school. [Stonewall, 2012]

More than 16,000 young people are absent from school due to bullying.
[Red Balloon, 2011]

Why PSHE education?

​Experience: qualified class teacher of 10 years (QTS, Upper Pay Scale), long term PSHE lead teacher, post-graduate qualification in PSHE provision, Director of PSHE education since 2013

Bespoke Sessions: for Infants, Juniors, Seniors, Sixth Formers, Students, Staff and Parents. Planning incorporates up to date research, school ethos and policies, budget, individual needs, different learning styles, size of group, space available and time required

Value for money: Contact me for current fees

Quality: consistently positive feedback on all aspects of my work (see my testimonials)