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Children and young people have a wealth of technologies to use at their fingertips and it’s important to remember there are lots of fantastic reasons for your children to be online but obviously there are risks. In my Cyber Safety sessions whether taught to pupils, students, parents or staff I always give as much age appropriate, relevant, up to the minute information that I can squeeze in to build awareness of the risks of life online in today’s digital world, along with practical tips on what to do about them so everyone can be safe and happy on the internet and on moblie devices and improve their digital literacy.

Some statistics…

Studies show alarming links between early exposure to pornography and juvenile sex offenders; one study of 30 young sex offenders showed that 29 had been watching X-rated porn. [Safety Net, 2015]

32% of adults have not discussed online safety with their children

65% of children often go online without any parental supervision

39% think their online activity is private from everyone

67% teenagers say they know how to hide what they do online from their parents

53% of children go online in their own room

63% have a mobile phone

[NOBullying.com. Cyberbullying and Bullying Statistics 2014]

What parents say…

49% of parents say that the amount of opportunities their child has to access the internet leaves them struggling to monitor online behaviour

51% say this also makes them afraid for their child

[NOBullying.com. Cyberbullying and Bullying Statistics 2014]

Why PSHE education?

Experience: qualified class teacher of 10 years (QTS, Upper Pay Scale), long term PSHE lead teacher, post-graduate qualification in PSHE provision, Director of PSHE education since 2013

Bespoke Sessions: for Infants, Juniors, Seniors, Sixth Formers, Students, Staff and Parents. Planning incorporates up to date research, school ethos and policies, budget, individual needs, different learning styles, size of group, space available and time required

Value for money: Contact me for fees

Quality: consistently positive feedback on all aspects of my work (see my testimonials)