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What PSHE education offers

What PSHE education offers

PSHE education is all about helping people to have a wealth of opportunities to understand themselves and those around them and thus to make informed choices which will enable them to live happy and healthy lives.

Work is available for schools, colleges, universities, teacher training centres, adults, groups, families, companies and organisations.

The beauty of what I offer is that it is entirely bespoke making sure that it meets the exact needs of the cohort it is to be designed for.

Any topic related to PSHE or SMSC is offered and adapted to suit any age or issue related to personal and social health and wellbeing.

I guarantee a top quality, professional and reliable service at a highly competitive rate with no hidden extras.

Please see the list of services below to read more about the different services I provide - if you don't see it on the list contact me directly and I will be delighted to discuss your needs further with you.
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