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BBC Teach|Morrow Communications. RSE Workshops - Glencraig I P School. N. Ireland.
"We have just had a fabulous day with Kate. THe children were so engaged thorughout the workshop. Kate put them at ease from the beginning, assuring them that nothing was too big or small to talk about. The children were encouraged to lead the questions and they were able to ask anything they wanted. As a teacher, I learnt so much which will help me develop and expand our RSE curriculum in school. A super day!" K.Millar. RSE Co-ordinator
Life Coaching Sessions. 1:1
"Amazing! I arrived unclear, uncertain, scared that I won't 'get' what needs to happen for me to change and on both sessions (about very different things) the 'Ka-ching' happened. I felt totally unjudged and safe. After the first session my life changed totally and for the better - I am hopeful that after this second session great things wil happen again and 'I will change'! Nadine
Hendon School. Stress Management. Year 11
"I really liked it. I learned about what stress actually is and I learned different ways for coping with stress that I can do easily."

"I thought the session was really helpful. It's nice to talk about stresses instead of keeping them in. I learned new ways to cope with my stress."

"I learnt that things that stress me out can be solved."

"During this session I learned how to destress myself through activities and meditation. I enjoyed the activities we did. To conclude it, I learned how important it is to sort out stress as this will help your mental health. Thank you!"
Francis Holland School. Regent's Park. Parent Cyber Safety Evening Talks: 4 evenings - Year 7, 8, 9 & 10 parents
"Kate engaged with all the audiences, offering them lots of solutions which were welcomed as were the discussion points. Thorough in research and preparation, her content was really well adapted for the school's/year group's needs." C.Mahieu. Pastoral Deputy Head.
Youth Mental Health First Aid. Plenary session on recovery from addictions.
"Exceptional delivery, well planned and really informative."
"You have a lovely, friendly approach...calm, engaging, knowledgeable and at a perfect pace."
"Solid confident delivery, sound knowledge base and clear understanding."
"Warm, natural, enjoyable style. You demystified a tricky subject area."
"A very relaxed and engaging style -you are very easy to listen to!"
"You made a difficult topic more comfortable so people could engage."
Bancroft's School. Year 8. Sexual Bullying & Harassment
"The group were very engaged throughout the session - It is just a shame we didn't book you for longer!" J. Foley. PSHE Convenor
Freya Hardy. Editor AQUILA Children's Magazine
'For a few years now we have been working with Kate to produce PSHE features for AQUILA magazine. She is a joy to work with. She was very quick to get the ethos of our publication and knows her subject – and more importantly – kids – inside out. Everything she has produced for us has been thoroughly researched and is written with clarity, humour and a kindness that really shines through. I can commission her knowing that our readers are in extremely safe hands, and that means I can relax and get on with other elements of my job.'
Barclays LifeSkills Staff CPD Sessions. Various Secondary Schools. Building Student Resilence and Boosting Confidence
"10/10. Excellent specialist knowledge - approachable and friendly."
"10/10. Excellent knowledge, passionate - that came through, engaging."
"10/10. Really effective - clear, enthusiastic and encouraging - wonderful, really inspiring, thank you!"
Anti Bullying Week. 2018. Whole School - 2 days. Skippers Hill Prep' School
"Such a positive learning environment. Children were able to share things with each other that they wouldn't normally say. you were enthusiastic, engaging and so positive! Children really enjoyed the activities and you had great discipline. The project you set [at the beginning of the week and came back to work on at the end] was super - I LOVED doing it with the children. They learnt so much and will take away a lot from these sessions which we can also use in the classrooms. Excellent! Thank you! B. Beazleigh. Class Teacher

"You have amazing enthusiasm, the children loved you! You created a safe, positive environment and addressed an important topic that we can refer to all year. Your behaviour management was amazing and the children really respected you. Thanks also for a great project!" J. Newton May. Class Teacher

"Communication pre visit was efficient and thorough and appropriate to the needs expressed. The content delivered to a range of KS 1, 2 and 3 pupils was appropriate both to the age group and to the expressed needs. Pupils were engaged and involved throughout." D. Leggett. Deputy Headteacher
Headmasters' and Headmistresses' Conference (HMC). Heads of Sixth Form on Relationships and Sex Education (RSE)
“Great presenter - with lots of interesting ideas”
"Useful new info"
“Covered a lot...very good speaker.”
"...It was excellent and the delegates really valued your session, so thank you again for leading it. I would echo all these comments, and I thought you led the session very effectively, and your style was engaging and compelling."
M Horsburgh, Director of HMC Professional Development
BBC Teach|Morrow Communications. RSE workshops - Cavendish School. Eastbourne.
"I really enjoyed it, thank you! It was really fun and I feel like I learnt alot and will be able to pass on information to my firends who have questions. also I thought the activities were fun and they helped me understand more."
"I liked it because it told us alot of new things and I learnt alot from it. It was good that you used fun games and let us discuss our thoughts and ideas."
"I liked your session and would like to do it again and I thought it was a good experience."
Cheltenham College. Staff RSE Inset
"The workshop got teachers thinking and discussing, which was very worthwhile. Going through the work they had done afterwards was also informative for me in terms of understanding what they know about what is happening with year groups other than their own tutees' year group.' Dr. M.Plint. Deputy Head (Learning and Wellbeing)
Radley College. Relationships and Sex
"The session was very well planned and covered everything that we requested. Including a working agreement at the start was excellent and undoubtedly made the boys feel more comfortable... The final section of the talk was outstanding. It was super how you used ‘teenage language’ which ensured that they engaged with the material." S.Naylor. Head of PSHE
"A lot of valuable and crucial information about relationships and responsibility were conveyed in an entertaining, fast-paced yet succinct and authoritative way. Some very good, professional responses to some slightly juvenile questions and suitably interactive to keep the boys focussed." A.Williams. Form Tutor
"Really excellent speaker with wonderful open way of presenting a difficult/embarrasing/awkward subject. Really engaging. Great visuals - easily understandable subjects - all clearly defined. Boys played an active part thereby showing their interest and attention." L.Parker. House Mistress.
Becky Feetham. Senior Consultant. Hopscotch Consulting - Transport for London - TfL STARS
"Kate was a pleasure to work with, always turning up early and giving her all. She communicated the content efficiently and effectively to both the teachers and the pupils attending the workshops. Kate listened to constructive comments, actively seeking feedback on areas she could improve and was good at working flexibly and adapting to last minute changes. Overall, we were very happy with Kate's work. We value Kate's experience and knowledge."
Claire Murphy. Head of Year 8 & 9. King Alfred School. London.
"Kate always meets our schools needs. Her content is relevant, up to date and she uses a variety of teaching styles to present. Kate is dynamic and engages with her audience in such a down to earth way. I would highly recommend Kate to other schools."
Shooters Hill Sixth Form College. South London. Entry Level/Inclusive Learning Students. Healthy Living
" Your pace and clarity of voice was perfect. Your explanations used were the perfect level of vocabulary for the group..." Naomi. LSA
"The students seemed very interested...This is great for our students because they get bored very easily." D. Thompson. LSA
"Excellent pace and range of activities to get learners talking. A caring and supportive environment. You modified language for the level of the group." Anon
Anonymous. Content writing for high profile educational projects
"I can’t give you a written testimonial (it’s our company policy), however I would be more than happy to speak to anyone on the phone should the need arise and attest to what a pleasure it’s been working with you!"
Tatsfield Primary School - Cyber Safety. Yr 1-6 & Parents
"It was excellent and we would definitely use you again in the future."

"Lots of excellent content which was age related - a good amount of practical, verbal and listening. You created an open environment where the children were sharing their experiences." PSHE Lead & KS1 Class Teacher

"Kate presented a sensitive subject in an age appropriate way, ensuring the children understood the dangers without alarming them...ensuring they understood this and also what they should do if they were worried." HLTA

"A very effective way to deliver a rather 'tricky' but ever-increasing issue. you pitched it at the appropriate level and they were fully engaged." Yr 3 Class Teacher

"Pitched perfectly for a relatively knowledgeable and 'technology-laden' Yr 6 class. It certainly stimulated their interest and made them think...You handled the class exceptionally well, selecting questions accordingly and managing the 'over enthusiastic' boys brilliantly!" Class Teacher

"Brilliant session, with many questions answered for me! Found out information on gaming that I found very interesting and great advice. Also useful websites and where to go to get help and support. Thank you very much!" Dione

"A good session. Covered everything I needed and expected. Really made me more aware of the dangers and the wealth of material out there that can potentially put our children at risk..." Sarah
Headmasters' and Headmistresses' Conference (HMC). Conference Speaker on Secondary RSE
"Kate delivered a superb address on the subject of: Teaching Sex and Relationship Education in the Secondary School. She did it with great enthusiasm and good humour and brought an air of authority to this area which many people find difficult to teach. She laid down several helpful ground rules for discussions with pupils and her knowledge of legislation and current developments was particularly impressive. The delegates found it a very useful session." Stephen Coyne. HMC Director & Independent Consultant
Jeanette Glasser. Learning support teacher. Restorative session - Respect
"I really liked the 'direct' approach. Kate was open and very receptive to all contributions from our teenage audience so that difficult conversations that are simmering might be advanced productively amongst the student body themselves."
Barnard Castle School. Relationships, Sexual Issues & Social Media. Year 9-11
"Having Kate from PSHE education was not only incredibly informative but also interesting. She delivers content in a way which engages pupils and makes them feel comfortable in contributing their own thoughts and opinions. Kate does not shy away from the tricky topics, but approaches them with enthusiasm and passion that pupils respect and appreciate." Olivia Hovington. Head of PSHCEE
Dormansland Primary School. PSHE/RSE Staff CPD Training
"Such a helpful opportunity to contextualise where our school is now and where we would like it to be. Some very interesting and unexpected issues raised through discussion and reflection - brilliant! Thank you Kate." S. Stokes. Headteacher

"Thank you very much for all the work that you have put into this for us. By talking as we have I think that we now can move forward!! Look forward to working with you again." L. Seltzer. PSHE Coordinator

"Interesting issues and topics...really great to be allowed time to talk about what is relevant to our school in our area and our needs and next steps..." E. Thompson. Class Teacher

"Enjoyable, well-presented, nice to address big issues..." M.Pritchard. Class Teacher
Lewes Old Grammar School. Year 10-13 - Stress Management
Year 10/11:
"Brilliant, really helpful. I will definitely be using some of these techniques! I would love to have you back! Thank you!" B, Yr 10
"I thought it was very useful and I have definitely learnt things which will benefit me greatly. Thank you." Yr 11
"This lesson was very beneficial, made you very calm and more aware that everybody is going through the same thing or will be. Thank you!" S, Yr 11

Year 12/13:
"I loved your session! you were very genuine. You didn't lecture. You looked great and were very professional. you were upbeat and realistic and coped well with gigglers. All of the students responded very positively to you." Ms Brown. Yr 13 Tutor
"I've been to other things like this and felt patronised but here I felt comfortable." Yr 12
"So, so helpful, I felt so relaxed. It was so comfortable you speaking to us and the way that you ran the talk did not make anyone feel uncomfortable or on the spot. I was engaged the whole time. Everything was so relatable. you showed me how to calm down and that exams are not everything!" L, Yr 13
"Through learning about stress and where it comes from I am able to have a more in depth understanding. This enables me to discover personal ways of reducing stress or putting good use to my stress. The simple exercises you taught us are also helpful as they are easy and possible to do anywhere." T, Yr 13
Herstmonceux Integrative Health Centre. Cyber Safety Parent & Carer session
"So insightful! The information is relevant, up to date, shocking, but by being given the tools to work with your children you feel more connected and proactive rather than fearful and reactive. I would recommend this course to parents with children of all ages." Bea Simmons. Integrative Health Manager

"Excellent information clearly presented on topics which are important in the lives of young people... I have learnt alot!" J McInnes

"Excellent! Such an insight... excellent handouts too." Anon
Optimus Education. Safeguarding Teenagers Conference - Sexting Keynote and Streamed Session on Body Image
"The session was excellent and was all to the point - no messing around! It has given me even more ideas on how to work with my students and I will be looking to use these strategies tomorrow!" M. Gayle

"Very well presented - lots of super information and areas to go home and review." S. Ward. Year 7-10

"Found the session very informative and beneficial to clarify areas whch I was unsure of. I will definitely place a greater emphasis on the planning of my PSHE sessions in school." M.Hector Year 10

"Fantastic session, very informative. Definitely given me confidence to deliver body image sessions." S. Pugh. Pastoral Manager
Fiona Parsons. Assistant Headteacher/Head of Department/Head of PSHE. King Alfred School. London. Consultation - reviewing PSHE provision, developing overviews and schemes of work.
"It was both a positive and helpful experience to have Kate consult with us both as a department and school. As a result we had a successful compliance inspection into which Kate had great input."
Angela Alsop. Deputy Head Teacher. Skippers Hill Prep' School.
"I have worked with Kate for many years now. She has provided us with well-presented and informative sessions on a variety of topics for all age groups. She has addressed many important issues, often on sensitive topics, which some teachers and parents find difficult to address. She has wide and up to date knowledge on many areas, including recent legislation.
Planning areas of focus for sessions together, makes them bespoke, relevant and age appropriate to each group.
Kate has an approachable and re-assuring manner with the pupils, which gains their trust. She is engaging and motivating. She makes them feel comfortable and they become involved and active participants in sessions, without embarrassment. Pupils really appreciate the opportunities they have to discuss and reflect, whilst being able to maintain confidentiality.
Any teachers and parents involved in any sessions have also been impressed and pleased with the outcomes."
Skippers Hill Prep' School Pupils. Relationships and Sex. Year 6-8
"I felt comfortable to talk on this subject with you." Year 6

"You are a person I can talk to about this."Year 7

"You have helped us understand what happens when we grow up and answered all our questions... [you] have given us as much information as we need." Year 8
The King Alfred School. North London. Upper School Pupil and Staff sessions
"Kate is professional and organised throughout. Her sessions are informative, well researched and engaging." Fiona Parsons. Assistant Head Pastoral.

Year 8. "Kate engaged with all the pupils and made them feel comfortable with the topic and explained the session very well. She allowed questions and answers and enabled all pupils to engage with the topic... discussion was great." Claire Murphy, Head of Year 8.
Year 9. "...Difficult topic presented very well and in an engaging way." Claire Murphy. Head of Year 8.

Year 8. Great session in challenging circumstances! Engaged all students with relevant information." Daniel Love. Head of Year 10/11.
Year 9. "Really well pitched for this age group also very informative. I liked Kate's manner - neither condescending nor overly chummy." Year 9 Teacher

Staff: SRE Inset
"Useful information, lots of resources, clear advice." Lynne Sasson
"Very engaging." Steve O'Byrne
"Very informative...a great range of topics covered..." Ryan Godfrey
Shooters Hill Sixth Form College. South London. Feedback following course of PSHE provision
“It was a pleasure having you and the students really appreciate your dynamic sessions. I received the feedback and noticed staff were very pleased with the resources and your style of delivery. I’ll be requesting your services next academic year. Once again thank you.” Michelle Fante. Head of Pastoral Care
Skippers Hill Prep' School. Cyber Safety. Year 1-8, Staff & Parents
"Age - appropriate language and content/ level of information. Lovely activity to engage the children of all abilities... pupils chatted about the session for some time after!" Yr 2 Teacher
"Very well pitched for young children - children engaged and learnt from it." C Blantern. Yr 1 Teacher

"Workshop was age appropriate - there were a variety of tasks and children were engaged at all times. Important issues were portrayed in a fun yet educational way. The children enjoyed it, they were keen to take part and learnt serious messages. Thank you." T.Henry. Year 4 Teacher
"The children really loved the activities in the session and it was a really effective way to teach them [about online dangers]. Good age appropriate materials used and provided." D Puttock KS2 Teacher

*Parent email to Headteacher following children's session re. resources sent home with children:
"I wanted to thank you so much [for the resources the children bought home], they are proving very useful. A scary but important topic, thank you for keeping our children safe." Anon

"Extremely helpful and eye-opening in a very apporachable style" E.Harvey
"Very informative and some useful ideas about how to carry on/continue your sessions at school." K.Alexander. Head of Pastoral Care
"Well presented.Discussed broad range of IT based issues quickly but in depth. Plenty of new information that is 100% relevant to all teachers, carers, parents and students." Alex

"Very informative and friendly atmosphere. Lots of information and very open to discussion. Thank you." D.Clay
"Very useful and with a great sense of humour too! Thanks for the handouts. Lots to think about!" Anon
"Very thought provoking...This should be a regular event..." Anon
Shooters Hill Sixth Form College, South London. Cyber Bullying
"The session was informative and engaging using the right mix of real world examples and thoughtful discussion of the issues and students views/opinions. Students that are typically disengaged during PSHE themes were motivated and involved." P.Allen. Tutor & Teacher

"Very easily presented and a great understanding. You were very interesting, informative and easy to understand." Student
Shooters Hill Sixth Form College, South London.
Consent, Grooming & Sexual Exploitation/Pornography
Consent, Grooming & Sexual Exploitation:
"This is an excellent session and delivery was at student's pace...I would rate this 10/10 particularly with the variety of activities/group work built into it." Lecturer
"Easy way and funny way of learning and informative too." Student

"This was an excellent session...the session was well balanced with information giving and participation of students and a good and necessary level of explicit, real discussion about the issues without expecting anyone to share any personal information..." S. Bradbury. Assistant Principal.
"I have learnt not to take women for granted." Student
Optimus Education. Relationships & Sex Conference - Pornography Keynote and Streamed Session on Sexting
"Kate started our Relationships & Sex Education Conference with the opening keynote on pornography and followed (later in the day) with a workshop on sexting. Both sessions were engaging, interactive and well received by delegates which was reflected in the evaluation forms at the end of the day." Jamie Maw, Conference Producer

"Meeting you, even fleetingly, was one of the highlights of the Optimus Conference..." Delegate

"You have such positive energy and enthusiasm - it's infectious. Knowing you've so recently "actually" been a teacher in school makes you even more of a gem. So many so-called 'experts' haven't worked directly with children & young people for far too long." Speaker
Shooters Hill Sixth Form College, South London. Alcohol & Drugs - sessions across the day
"I learnt about the symptoms of drug and alcohol poisoning."
There are serious consequences for doing/dealing drugs."
"I need to reduce my alcohol consumption."

"Informative, interactive and useful for the age group (16-19)...Related well with the group and supportive references were given." S. Brooks (IT Dept)
"Very informative, well presented with clear and concise powerpoints and good activities with learners participating..." P. McDermott ( Curriculuim Leader)
"Projected well even though the room had potential to get quite rowdy.. it was good to get the learners to perform their own research... and discuss as a full group." C. Lang (Construction Dept')

Shooters Hill Sixth Form College, South London. Self Esteem, Respect, Self Awareness
Self Esteem:
'I think I'm normal knowing others feel the same as me.' Student
'To know that I am beautiful.' Student
The session was well balanced and gave the learners the opportunity to discuss, reflect and identify their individual issues and concerns. Great use of resources and media...great impact - all the learners were engaged and involved in the activities and it was very enjoyable!' Stephanie. Teacher

'The session was engaging and inspiring - learners were able to share their own personal view on respect.' S. Warren Lecturer

Self Awareness:
'The session was fun, engaging and enjoyable. The learners worked well and remained focussed throughout...' Stephanie. Teacher
Skippers Hill Prep' School. Relationships and Sex. Year 6-8
"I thought it was good, she explained everything well and relaxed us. There is no need to be embarrassed with Miss Daniels." Yr 6 boy

"I have learnt so much and related to others, I also like my body more." Yr 6 girl

"It was very informative and helpful." Yr 7

"I will not watch porn and know more about child exploitation." Yr 8
Sarah Stokes. Head Teacher, Dormansland Primary School. Cyber Safety. Year 1-6 & Parents
"This whole programme of e-safety support has been effective from start to finish. Kate's collaborative planning approach enabled us to tailor the sessions to the specific needs of our children and parents and their responses were extremely positive. We will definitely work with Kate again in the future."
Dormansland Primary School - Cyber Safety. Year 1-6 & Parents
"The children were completely engaged and loved the drama activity. THe booklet was very accesible and it is great that they can take it home to share with their parents."

"Thank you! This was pacey and pitched well. It was important to pre-warn them so they can keep safe during their future useage. They were engaged with plenty of opportunity for involvement." Anon

"The material was relevant to the year and was delivered in an informative way which kept the children interested. Lots of opportunities for them to get involved and ask questions. Also lots for them to think about in terms of how they use the internet which I don't think they'd properly thought about before." Anon

"Sooo helpful, Thank you! Engaging, informative and really practical. I'm really glad I came. My children both came home full of all that they had learnt and now seem so well informed. It was really great to hear them chatting it all through with each other as they had been in different sessions. Thank you once again" Anon

"Very informative. There were many things discussed that I hadn't thought of, a real eye opener...Valuable advice I can go away with and implement at home. Also this was really great advice for myself as I haven't got a clue." Catherine

"The information was useful. It was good to stop/listen and think about the different aspects of e-safety. The session was really well delivered. Thanks" Ian

"My daughter is in Year 3 and came back talking about what you had taught her today. It would be good to see you again when she is in Year 5!" Sarah
Skippers Hill Prep School. Wellbeing focus. Year 1-8 & Parents
Self Awareness & Self Esteem. Year 1-5
"This was very well delivered and hands on. Even at ages 5/6/7 it sparked the children to think and express how they viewed themselves." E.Murphy
"It was really useful to learn about myself and it made me feel better about myself."
"I thought you were an amazing lady, you let people have turns, you are also very pretty!"
"This was very fun to find out about myself and I found out bits about myself that I didn't already know."

Pressures and Stress Management Year 6-8
"It was very educational and fun and a useful life skill to know. I wish I knew this earlier to help me through my previous exams."
"I really liked it because it made me realise I can't live my life being stressed all the time."
"I have learnt to be a calmer person and I've learnt that it's not embarrasing to show your emotions and who you actually are."

"An excellent session - most informative. I particularly liked the format to be able to chat in small groups to share information." J.Parker
"It was very helpful, thank you. Great to know there is someone to ask if we have any of these worries in the future." P. Dixon
"Very interesting. Particularly to hear how widespread these issues are and to have resources available to assist." R.Williams
Holland Junior School Parents - Cyber Safety. Year 3-6 & Parents
"Excellent session, lots to take home from this...thank you! P. Soodeen

"Very informative and helpful - I am so glad I attended!" Anon

"...So helpful to have this after the children had their session" Anon

"Very useful and informative - good suggestions and advice on all aspects" Anon

"Useful without being too baffling. I have a list of things I'm going to do..." Anon
Terence Sheen. Headteacher, Holland Junior School. Year 3-6 & Parents - Cyber Safety
"The feedback from staff was that the workshops were very relevant for the age groups and really engaged the children. The children said they enjoyed the workshops and all the information reminded them about how to be careful on the internet. You displayed a very professional, yet friendly manner and we all felt the day was very fruitful."
Sir Henry Fermor C of E Primary School - Year 6
"The whole class respected Miss Daniels. Her enthusiasm was catching, everybody had fun and learnt lots... she has a calming yet authoritative manner, great ideas and a sixth sense for less able children. Kate cared about the children and their learning and her commitment was amazing. It was a pleasure to work with such a talented lady." K.Saunders

"It was great to work with you and I feel I have learnt so much from observing you with the children and how you did things, I will carry this forward with me...you can read people so wonderfully." P. Willison
Skippers Hill Prep' School. Year 6,7 & 8 - Relationships and Sex
"It was personal and I felt like it was not as awkward as I thought it would be. It was truthful and open." Yr 6

"I feel reassured and safe because I know where I need to go if I need help." Yr 7

"It was very interesting and fun and I learnt a lot of interesting things about me." Yr 8
Lewes Old Grammar School. Year 9 - Self-Esteem
"They were so well behaved for you!" Teacher

"It was really interesting to learn about me and my friends strengths using your cards." (*Packtypes) Yr 9 boy

"You were really friendly and everyone really listened." Yr 9 girl
Mark Hammond. Headteacher, Skippers Hill Manor Preparatory School. Year 1-8 - Cyber Safety
"Our internet safety day was a huge success. The teachers learned a great deal about the children's online lives and how to support them in staying safe. The children were very open about their experiences and gained a greater understanding of the potential risks of their internet use. They certainly felt better equipped to manage their digital profile at the end of the day!"
Miss Crossinggum. Deputy Head, Marshlands Academy
"Kate is like a breath of fresh air as she always oozes positivity and undertakes teaching and learning in such an enthusiastic manner. She has a lovely way with the children and they respond positively towards her. They look forward to the days that she is in. Kate quickly got to know the children and needs of the class, building firm relationships with them. She teaches in a way that captures all learning styles and ensures that all children make progress in her lessons.
I wouldn’t hesitate in recommending Kate to other schools as her skills have certainly been a huge asset to myself and the children."
Reigate Priory Parents. Cyber Safety
"Probably the most valuable 2 hours I have ever spent! My children learnt alot from Kate in school and now we will continue to talk about E-Safety as a family. Talk was concise, entertaining, professional and at my level!" D Constable

"Wonderfully informative and extremely helpful. you managed to capture everyone's attention with your humourous yet serious presentation." N Aldridge

"This was BRILLIANT. Scary, but brilliant! Very informative and thought provoking." F Charasse.

"Very helpful, informative and thought provoking." S Richards.

"A huge topic which you managed to break down and cover very effectively in 2 hours. The practical hints and tips were particularly helpful." Anon
Rachel Walters. Reigate Priory School. Year 3-6 & Parents - Cyber Safety
"Thank you for 3 successful visits. I can only say that all I have heard so far has been incredibly positive.
The discussion amongst the children has been good and from informal parent discussion, children have gone home and talked about all that they learnt.
The information given to the pupils was age appropriate and still hard hitting and purposeful.
The follow up lessons have been successful and have enabled excellent discussion within the classes.
The verbal feedback from parents (following the parents session) has all been very positive."
Kyra Ward. Headteacher
Kate Daniels worked at Hellingly as a Class Teacher and a highly effective PSHEe leader. She is up to date on the current National Agenda and reads and interprets national/ local data to inform any curriculum focus areas e.g. in order to gain Healthy School status.

Kate is passionate about improving the quality of life for our young people and believes that so much of this can be achieved in school. Improving outcomes for young people is at the forefront of her passion as a PSHEe Consultant.

At Hellingly she has led on our Sexual and Relationships Programme and our Drugs, Alcohol and Tobacco Education and supported staff with the resourcing and delivery. She is effective in writing policies and then monitoring their implementation.

Kate is evaluative of her own and others practice and invests time in listening to the staff’s concerns/thoughts then tailors these to their needs.

She is a people person, comfortable speaking in front of children and adults, whether informally or formally. Children throughout the school have benefitted from her pastoral care and will confidently seek her out if they need to.

Kate will, in her role as PSHEe Consultant, be an asset to any team she is asked to support and I would have no hesitation in recommending her in this area.
Year 6 Children & Parents
"You have boosted up my confidence soo much. I will never forget your funny jokes, your sense of humour and your accents."

"******** has been so fortunate to have you as her teacher. She loves your energy, your humour and above all the fact that you are a fantastic teacher."

" You will not be forgotten for what and how you supported me."

" You are so passionate about PSHE, I know you will inspire people and support very many children."

"Thank you for being there when I needed you and being so fabulous."
Sally Hayes. Reigate Grammar School. Year 7/8 & Parents - Cyber Safety
"I had a really positive experience working with PSHE Education on Cyber Safety. Kate is efficient and delivers what she has promised. The workbooks were very detailed and correspondence was quickly replied to in the planning stages.
Sessions for both children and parents were good."
Danielle Newman. West London Free School. Year 9 - Relationships & Sex
"The SRE (Sex and Relationship Education) day was a great success at WLFS. The pupils thoroughly engaged in the activities and took away some valuable messages. The communication previous to the event and the material provided was great."
Some parents feedback over the years
1. I feel with your input ***** was able to progress. Thank you for helping my daughter gain trust in others and feel safe in their care.

2. Having Miss Daniels teaching ***** again will benefit her greatly.

3. ***** has made amazing progress and is a much more confident child now, thank you.

4. Miss Daniels' enthusiasm and positivity shines through in everything!

5. Miss Daniels is a great teacher and ***** is very fond of her.

6. Thank you. This year has been the making of *****. She is now very happy to come to school and has gained in confidence.
Mark Robinson-Sivyer. Governor Hellingly County Primary School
I was privileged to be able to work, very recently, alongside Kate, as Governor to a primary school that Kate teaches in. I assisted Kate on a week-long residential activity trip, for year 5 children that she organised and lead, along with a teaching assistant that works in the school.

Although I have attended a number of trips with the school, and have 4 kids myself, I had forgotten that for most at this age, it's the first time away from home over an extended period and all the challenges that this can cause with young children.

Kate was a joy to work under as I watched an expert deal effectively, compassionately and lovingly with 29 kids who at one time or another, experienced challenges with life , the universe and everything!! It was clear that her knowledge of the subject she had dedicated her career to, is much more than her job! She has a passion so rarely found these days, in providing for her charges, exactly what she states 'on the tin'. She makes a difference in children’s lives and those colleagues lucky enough to work with her.

For fine quality teaching, an expertise in PSHE and an all-round lovely lady who delivers, I could not recommend her more highly. Thank you Kate for teaching me what good teaching is really about and for showing so much professionalism and love for a subject and the children in your charge.
Adam Lawrence. Colleague
Kate is one of the most inspirational and positive people I know. I had the pleasure of meeting Kate through working at Hellingly Primary School.  She has had a massive impact on my career and helped me in many ways. The ability to stay focused, motivated and turn every situation into a positive one are just a few of Kate’s many talents that have helped shape my career and person. I’ve been lucky enough to work alongside Kate and it has been an amazing experience. She has the utmost respect from the people she works with and for; this is through her honest and positive approach in every environment. I know I have learnt a huge amount from Kate, and the best thing is she still has so much more to give and is willing to help every time.
Samantha Broadway. Trainee Teacher
As a trainee teacher this year Kate provided me with support and guidance in planning, delivering and assessing across the curriculum. When PSHE was on my action plan Kate carried out observations and her feedback allowed me to reflect upon my teaching. She identified positives and provided me with ways to improve. I also observed Kate teaching, this gave me many practical ideas which I implemented into my practice. Kate always assured me that no question was too small and always went out of her way to support me.  
Various Year 5 Pupils (Following a Sex Education week on Puberty)
"I think you were very understanding and knew how we felt. You didn't make everything sound gross. You put it in a way that made everyone not uncomfortable."
"I was really worried about puberty. I am not worried any more."
"I feel more informed now and I don't feel as nervous because in Year 4 I was scared."
"You told me what I wanted to know."
"You were very relaxed not like other teachers."
Kaitlin Duffy. NQT at Meridian Community Primary School.
This observation was organised through the assistant head/SENCO at Meridian Community Primary School. Kate was instantly welcoming and very open and flexible to my request to observe her teaching a Circle Time session.  I am an NQT and was looking to develop my knowledge of PSHE teaching. It was easy to see the class felt safe and comfortable as they opened up instantly, discussing personal problems and sharing them. Kate had a patient manner and ensured she allowed time and opportunity for all children to voice their opinions and/or concerns. It was instantly clear the children in this class were very emotionally literate, due to the children’s clear ability to discuss feelings and help each other. in a meeting with Kate following the observation I felt instantly at ease with Kate and felt comfortable to ask any questions (a feeling reflected in her class). It was a very worthwhile experience – thank you Kate!
Mrs Ward, Headteacher
Kate has reviewed and updated current policies and practices including redeveloping our SRE policy, scheme of work and DATE policy. She supported staff by planning Anti-bullying Week, Relationships week and Healthy Schools week: providing planning, resources and guiding staff with assessment opportunities. Kate has excellent teaching skills when delivering PSHE and is always organised, well prepared and versatile.
Miss Breeze, Class Teacher
Kate really helped to plan and teach a smoking topic in Year 3. I had been really worried about teaching it incorrectly but the lessons were really successful with Kate's help.
Dave Ingham, Writer and Producer, Loud Productions Ltd. Member of BAFTA Children's Commitee and Writer of Shaun the Sheep, Boj and Charlie And Lola
I had the privilege of working with Kate when as chair for the Learning Primary vote, I invited her onto the voting panel for the 2012 BAFTA Children's Awards. Kate's knowledge, insight and obvious passion proved invaluable in what proved to be a tough awards category. The entire panel looked to Kate when it came to the final decision… Which was totally the right one. It soon became apparent that Kate's instinctive and communicative skills were something we would gladly call on again. Thank you Kate.
Lewes Old Grammar School Parents. Year 7-13 - Pressures
" Very competent presenter with great knowledge of topic and held audiences attention." F Suleman

" Incredible, brilliant and so infomed... Covered some very difficult subjects but feel I have the tools and ideas now to put in place." B Simmons

"Interesting and informative in an upbeat way with a realistic view of life." S Maynard

"The subject was very interesting and relevant. Kate you are a very engaging speaker on difficult subject areas. Thank you for educating me on the difficulties faced by our teenagers..." Anon

"Very informative and useful session with plenty of information handouts to take away and use..." David